Stephen Vedder is an aspiring chef to the world of Okonomiyaki and Japanese Fusion. Stephen is assistant to Master Chef Yoshio Saito who is a certified Okonomiyaki chef, owner of “Okonomy” (his catering company) and master of Japanese Fusion culinary arts. Chef Saito is also author of his book called: “Way Beyond Sushi, a New World of Okonomiyaki”.
Stephen has been cooking French, Italian, Greek, Irish, Chinese, Thai, and Japanese culinary styles since college. Stephen is constantly looking for healthier alternatives to classic dishes of cultures from across the world. He enjoys cooking for his good friends and family, who are gracious enough to be guinea pigs to his culinary exploits. Stephen Vedder is a professional photographer and producer.



  1. Wow Steve
    This is great.
    I had my first ‘Okonomi-yaki’ last year at

    It was delicious.
    Can’t wait to try yours one day!

    Emma xx

  2. Yoshio | Okonomy

    Y yummy
    O original
    S singular scrumptious
    H hale & hardy
    I into it
    O outstanding

    O out of the ordinary ( for occidentals )
    K kinetic gatronomy
    O odd
    N new, now
    O original
    M marvelous, miraculous to the palate
    Y YEA!


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