June 06, 2013: Best “Fhicken” Sandwich

June 6, 2013

Fhicken SandwichWhen I have the pleasure of meeting someone new, one of the easiest way for me to get to know them is  the “what are your favorite foods” discussion. Somewhere in the middle of their favorite “likes” I find myself imagining making those foods for them, and soon I feel like they are a friend and guest and, presto…in my mind at least, a bond is reached.

However, this trick quickly works against me as soon if/when the other person tries to find my “likes” as it is then hard to disguise the fact that I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years now. Most people are kind enough to not say what is on their mind, but that slight shake of the head I’ve seen over and over seems to say “How could you possibly live without meat? Don’t you know what you are missing?” The thing is I do. For the first 18 years of my life I was typical omnivore like most people are. Food is a choice. I would say even a sacred choice. How many things do we choose to actually ingest? Certainly it is up to the individual.

One thing that makes being a vegetarian quite easy in recent years is the improvement of non-meat prepared foods. Granted, some are hit and miss. I have yet to taste a faux-bacon (often nick-named “faken”) that was as satisfying as genuine bacon, and for heaven’s sake don’t ever overcook “faken” unless you are into the burned-chemical taste akin to a child’s plastic toy pitched into the barbecue pit!

The faux-chicken patties, however…I don’t believe I’ve ever had a bad one. I’ve tried making my own, and they are marginally better, but for all the work, your typical store-bought “simulated chicken cutlet” are pretty good. But the naming of them needs some work. I mean, I don’t want to be reminded that my food is simulated anything! So, what to call them, then? Well, if “fake-bacon” is “faken” and the patties are “fake-cutlets” or “fake-chicken?” Mmmmm….I think the more PC route may be “Fhicken.”

So, I recently made a very scrumptious “Fhicken” Sandwich that I can pass along to you. Lightly fry a “Fhicken” in a pan over medium heat, in a few drops of veggie oil until golden brown. I toasted two slices of Asiago Cheese Bread near the end of the “Fhicken’s” cooking. At this time I also topped the “Fhicken” with a few slices of Pepper Jack cheese. As the cheese melted, I made the sauce. A few pieces of Romaine lettuce held the sauce. Slice and serve.

“Fhicken” Sandwich Sauce: 3 Tblsps.  Avocado Dressing + 1 Tblsp. Relish + 1 Tblsp. Dijon Mustard.

No, my dear, newly-found friend…with fast, simple, and healthy veggie sandwiches that taste this good….I don’t miss meat at all!


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