November 12, 2012: Outside Views

November 12, 2012

Last week, as the whole of United States was in the throes of dramatic myopia over its presidential elections, my friend, Miguel, who teaches English in Tokyo polled his Japanese students and other non-American friends on his Facebook page concerning their thoughts over the election. Here are some of their reactions:

Miguel Arboleda

“romney… obama… so?””どっちでもえぇねん?”
(Either one would have been okay, no?”)”Who’s Romney?”

“It’s just a big Las Vegas show.”

“I like Obama because he makes pretty speeches.”

“What difference does it make? Either one will attack someone anyway.”

“Which one was Romney? Westerners all look the same to me.”

“I watched for a while, but it’s always this overblown exaggeration, so I went back to playing Monster Hunter. More realistic.”

“Who did you vote for, Miguel?”
“I didn’t.”
“Whoa! Really? Don’t Americans shoot you for that?” (laughter)

“Michelle Obama’s dress was SO cute!”

“I wish Japanese politicians could make speeches like Obama. So exciting! He can make you believe >anything<!”

“I don’t understand why health care was such a big issue. Doesn’t everyone have national health care?… No? Americans must be really rich!”

“Can you imagine politics like that everyday? All we’d need is a theme song!”

“Excuse me, Miguel, I’m eating breakfast.”

“Can I have my real American friends back now?”

“We stayed up all night watching. And got really drunk. I’ve got an awful headache now.”


One comment

  1. hilarious…Health Care….They believe we have it here…

    My friend in England had the same foot operation I did here in the U.S.

    if I Did not have Medicare, it would have cost over $40,000.00. my friend paid ZERO…yes, their taxes are higher, but they keep their people healthier..as to not become burdens on the Country.

    Yeah OBAMA..got to change this country.

    Toodles, Kathy

    who , except the 1%, could have afforded that amount

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