September 22, 2012: Mom’s Spaghetti Squash

September 22, 2012

Here is the other recipe mom surprised her kids with once: spaghetti squash. Not only was she thinking healthy, and easy to prepare, but it also was quite an unusual dish that intrigued us all! When she told us that this bright yellow veggie, looking like a cross between a melon and a squash would yield noodle-like threads when she was done, we were a bit skeptical! She was smart and did warn us that it would only look like spaghetti, but would taste like squash.

Spaghetti Squash:
Half squash with a sharp chef knife. Scoop out seeds and pulp in the center of both halves (save seeds to roast with a bit of shoyu…they taste like pumpkin seeds.) Brush a little veggie oil on top of squash and sprinkle with a dash of ground pepper, sal de mer, and a few hot pepper flakes and bake (skin side down on  a cookie sheet) at 325°F for about 1/2 hour. Flake the squash with a fork to get a spaghettti-like texture and separate from the rind. I like it just like this with a pat of butter thrown in, but from here you can do a million variations: top with cheese and broil a bit; mix with tomato sauce for a healthier spaghetti; mix with other veggies; toss with a little more oil and feta cheese cubes, grape tomatoes, olives…the sky’s the limit!

Healthy, inexpensive, easy to prepare, versatile, interesting, and kinda fun. Thanks mom, for looking after your extremely fussy brood for so long, and for really achieving many more successes than failures (‘tho we would never admit it.) I do believe that food that we make is a subtle incarnation of our love for the ones we cook for. We chefs take what we learned from the loving teachers we have had, and pass that on to the others, that we, in turn care about. To turn a phrase: it is love that is a dish best served warm.


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