August 22, 2012: Grilled Haricot Vert (French Green Beans)

August 22, 2012

When I was working for the French restaurant, I was told to make their version of haricot vert (French Green Beans) and I understand that it was a business and all, but each time I made them, I could come up with about ten ways to make them better. Here’s one:

Grilled Haricot Vert  (French Green Beans):

Wash and clip ends of your green beans. In a hot grill pan, dribble veggie oil and add beans. Try to keep the beans at an angle (45° is the most visually appealing) to grill pattern as if they fall parallel and between the grill pattern they will cook too quickly. Toss often with tongs. When the beans are close to being done turn off heat (but with pan still over heat) and add 1/2 clove of diced elephant garlic. You want just a hint of garlic, and as the elephant garlic is milder, it is perfect for this. You want the garlic to cook, but just a little, hence turning off the heat. Serve beans with tongs. If you include a piece of garlic here and there, fine, but they are for seasoning, not necessarily to eat. Splash a couple drops of lemon juice on top and a grind of pepper.

An easy, fast, delicious, healthy side….and better than a French restaurant!


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  1. Steve, I’ll bet those are delectable!

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