August 17, 2012: Summer Squash Salad

August 17, 2012

I have one single measure if one of my recipes is blog-worthy: if I have to make myself stop eating it, I know I have a winner! Here is another that I may add to the list: Summer Squash Salad. I stopped eating it not because I was worrying about gaining weight. Like most salads, this one has very few calories. No. I stopped because it was soooo delicious, I wanted to make sure I had some left over for lunch! This time of the year, I can’t get enough of the summer squashes. It doesn’t hurt that the produce department is practically throwing them away in the reduced bin. Sure, they may have few blemishes, but I’ll take ’em…if the end result is a healthy, guilt-free, and tasty salad like this one!

This is cool salad, but to get the squash to the right texture, you have to steam them for a couple of minutes, so a bit of prep ahead will put you in good shape when it comes time to assemble.

Summer Squash Salad:
Wash well, enough squash to fit in your steamer. For me this was two small green squash and a large yellow. Cut the ends off, and slice squash 1/2″. In a pre-boiling steamer, steam no more than 5 minutes with the bigger pieces added first. You don’t want the squash to wilt, just barely cooked. If you have to make an error, do so on the raw side, not the wilted. As soon as they are done, immediately immerse in cold H2O, drain, and immerse again and drain well. Put in fridge to chill. Every once and while, tip the squash over to drain further. You want the squash not to be soaking wet.

Wash 4 scallions and slice off the root end and the top third of the green part. Slice in thin pieces at 20° and chill. When all veggies are chilled, make dressing (or you could make ahead of time and chill also.)

Summer Squash Dressing:
3 Tblsp.Shoyu+3 Tblsp.Mirin+1 Tblsp. Rice Vinegar+1 Tblsp. Shaved Ginger+1 Tsp. Sesame Oil

Just before serving, add dressing and scallion to squash. Top with a sprinkling of Crushed Pepper. Serve and enjoy! A delicious side or a great light lunch!


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