July 18, 2012: “The Banzai Chef” by Dave Barry

July 18, 2012

Just read this chapter from “Dave Barry Is Not Taking This Sitting Down” and I thought I would share. This is courtesy of Dave’s official website and the chapter is called “The Banzai Chef” Very funny, in Dave Barry-style humor. Yes Dave, making sushi is much harder than it looks!

I also enjoyed his book “Dave Barry Does Japan” which is Dave trying to reach across the gulf between cultures and landing in a strange place of his own, somewhere in the middle!

When I read Dave’s stuff, I always think “How cool would it be, to have Dave over at a cookout?!”

Dave, the invitation is always there, but (from one West-trying to meet-East guy to another) I ask one concession: I will serve at least one WOO recipe. Your choice, and that way there will be no “prank food,” I promise. I think there is yet hope for you and Japanese cuisine!


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