June 20, 2012: Nicole Loves Green Tea

June 20, 2012

Thanks again to Teja and Barb for hosting not only a wonderful dinner, but also a great weekend for me. In addition to the dinner, it was a full weekend prepping the shack that Teja is converting for a hangout place for the family. There is nothing better than helping a friend with honest hard work. We installed a whole new floor of the shack to strengthen it.

I was able to couple helping Teja and take an advanced Powerpoint class in the area on Monday. After the class and after a fun couple of hours playing with Katie in the park, I was hanging out on their patio (yet another of Teja’s project I helped him with) waiting out rush-hour traffic when Nicole (Teja and Barb’s 16 year-old daughter) came out with recipe she had developed: a green-tea iced latte, which was so delicious, I had her copy down the recipe.

Nicole’s Green Tea Iced Latte:

Nicole’s Green Tea Iced Latte, perfect for a hot summer day!

In 1 Tblsp.hot H2O, add 2 Tsp. macha (powdered green tea) 1 Tsp.vanilla extract and I Tblsp. sugar and whisk well. In blender add green tea mixture to 3 ice cubes and 3C. milk (or soy milk) and blend well. Serve immediately.

It’s funny that Nicole’s job is that as a skilled barista at a local coffee shop, yet her true love is an assortment of green teas. She has had something like this latte before, but found it very expensive, so she devised this recipe for herself. She showed me her collection of teas, and I was impressed of the range she had. In addition to the macha she used in her latte recipe, she had sencha, and genmai teas as well as others.

Just in time for the first day of summer: Green Tea Iced Latte. Cool, refreshing, original. A perfect afternoon treat. Thanks, Nicole, I’ll be making this often on the upcoming steamy days!


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