May 09, 2012: Miguel’s Avocado Dressing

May 9, 2012

This is a recipe recommended by my friend Miguel, who lives in Japan and who is a very good cook (as well as an exceptional photographer.) Miguel suggests this is good on a green salad and that is easy to imagine. I had no greens, but I thought it was just perfect on a red cabbage salad, plus I like the color contrast.

Miguel Arboleda

Miguel’s Avocado Dressing:

Take one ripe avocado and remove pit and skin and mash pulp. Add 1 Tblsp. mayonnaise and 1 Tsp. each wasabi paste and lemon juice. Mix well. Immediately add to salad. Top with a sprinkling of anise seeds ground well in mortar and pestle or a kuribachi, if you have one. This dressing will oxidize very quickly and turn brown, so you want to make it just before you serve it.

Fatty avocado+mayo plus the tang of wasabi and an interesting finish of  anise. Delicious! Nice one, Miguel! Thanks!


One comment

  1. Whoa! Now I’m famous for a dressing! Always thought I’d be famous for scaling an unclimbable mountain or painting the world’s largest rice kernel landscape, but a dressing? Move over Paul Newman!

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