April 19, 2012: Macha Ice Cream

April 19, 2012

Yet another dish that I can’t believe I haven’t included on the blog, as I have made this one forever. Macha Ice Cream (aka Green Tea Ice Cream) is a very simple blend of vanilla ice cream and macha, a ground tea powder used in the Japanese tea ceremony.

This recipe is perhaps the easiest I have posted yet: simply take your favorite vanilla ice cream and have out at room temperature for about an hour. You don’t want to turn it to soup, but you have to be able to blend it also. Empty ice cream in to a larger bowl. Mix in 2 Tblsp. macha to each quart and whisk together until the ice cream is a uniform pale green color. Return the ice cream to original container and re-freeze.

The above follows most Japanese recipes as far as proportion. To my palate, this flavor is too mild. I love the green tea taste so I end up adding twice the amount of tea if I am making macha ice cream for myself! Last weekend I asked my friend Pam, who has lived in Japan a few years, why she thought the Japanese like the tea taste so mild and she explained that a lot of foods in Japan exhibit the essence of subtlety to the Western palate.

Be aware that macha is the tea leaves themselves that are ground into a powder and so, macha has a considerable amount of caffeine, so it might not be the best for kids before bedtime.

Either strong as I like it, or subtle in the Japanese way, Macha Ice Cream is a simple, interesting, and refreshing dessert


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