February 02, 2012: Grilled Kabocha in Dashi

February 2, 2012

The most time-consuming part of this dish is the dashi, which is a Japanese (normally) fish-flavored stock. My recipe for dashi which you may find on last week’s article “Fox Noodles”  is vegetarian and contains no fish.

Kabocha is a Japanese squash that looks like a green, elongated, and stunted pumpkin. If you can’t find kabocha, you may substitute butternut squash. As I was reading about kabocha, the book had a drawing of one, and I thought, “Hey, I think I’ve seen these in the grocery store!” Sure enough, I was very pleased to find kabocha in the produce department. It’s great that I am finding more and more of the ingredients that I need for these Japanese dishes in my local store!

Skin all of the green skin off the kabocha. Cut into quarters and remove seeds and pulp. Quarter each quarter and then half each piece (for a total of 32 pieces.) On a grill pan (or on the outside grill) lightly coat squash with 5 parts corn oil to 1 part sesame oil and grill, turning often. As you are grilling, warm up the dashi. When kabocha is grilled, add to dashi for a few minutes and serve. You can add yuzu or lemon zest as a garnish.

The taste is a slightly smoky flavor for the squash. The stock keeps the squash moist, and the citrus of the yuzu or lemon adds a nice bright finish. This recipe for kabocha is great side dish to any Japanese meal.


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  1. This looks delicious! Acorn squash also works very well.

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