January 12, 2012: “Bravehearts”

January 12, 2012

Yes. William Wallace was brave enough, he would've munched a bunch!!! Er...IF cranberries and edamame grew in Scotland!

Having run through my Christmas reading for the year, and in a bit of a post-Holiday funk “whatever” mood I reached out for the nearest book, which happened to be “Braveheart.” One really can’t go wrong reading about a Celtic hero, especially when it was one that actually lived, however fictionalized the account. At the same time, I was developing this recipe. The connection? As I was working this up, I thought no one would  be quite “brave” enough to actually serve it, as it is way weird (but very good) so I have nicknamed this snack “Bravehearts.” Also, the title “Only the Brave with a lot of time on their hand” was too long. So, you will have to brave and be patient with this one, but trust me…it’s a winner!

It all started when I went out for a snack at the grocery store. I was looking for something that was healthy, tasty, and somewhat neat. I ended up finding some roasted edamame with dried fruit. This commercial snack had a decent taste, but was dry as bones! One gripe I have with a lot of health food manufacturers is that they sometimes make things too healthy. I hope you all find each of my creations to be healthy, but I will NEVER sacrifice taste to make it so! This snack had promise, so I wanted to re-make it to get it closer to what it should have been.

OK. So this snack is “Roasted Edamame and Craisins.” Now, before you all start saying “Whaaaat” like that cute little minion in “Despicable Me” remember it’s all about bravery (and a bit of trust…and a smidge of patience.) Since I would never ask you to do something that I wouldn’t do, I’m showing my bravery that I have borrowed off another real-life Celtic hero: my friend Pam. She runs her food blog “Feral Homemaking” and she has consistently done what none of us other foodbloggers does: she posts her successes and her failures! Borrowing a page from Pam’s book, and since this was the first time I made this, I will show you what I did vs what I should have done to make this a perfect snack!

“Bravehearts” (Roasted Edamame and Craisins):

Boil two packages of Frozen Edamame (1 Lb.each) in about 2 Qts. H2O. A pinch of baking soda in the H2O will keep the edamame green. Don’t bother with the salt in the H2O, salt comes later. You are really just blanching the edamame to soften the frozen pod, in order to de-pod, so boil no more than two minutes. Strain edamame and immerse in cold H2O, several times to cool. Strain. Here’s where the patience comes in: you have to de-pod the edamame to get the pea-like soy bean inside. There are usually two, sometimes three peas to a pod. This takes time. Put on some music or pop in a movie (Hey! Why not “Braveheart?”) Mulch the pods in your compost. The worms will love you. Rinse the edamame peas. Drain. Dry on paper towels if your patience has not waned at this point. Mix edamame with 1/4 Tsp. Olive Oil and a little bit (1/2 Tsp.) fine sal de mer. On parchment covering a cookie sheet (foil is too conductive and will roast too fast) roast in oven, turning edamame often.

What I did: I roasted the edamame in a 325°F oven for an hour. Tasting them then, they were perfect when warm (half the snack never made it to the finish, they were so tasty.) Out of the oven…heaven! What I noticed is that when they were cool, they were too spongey, indicating that there was too much H2O in the pea still. I put them in for another half-hour. These were crunchy when cool, but were too brown (I wanted a more green edamame.)

What I should have done: Roast the edamame at a lower temperature (275°F) for about an hour and 15 minutes. This should keep them green but allow the moisture out of the pea. Make sure the edamame is crunchy when cool.

Mix with craisins. Serve. Enjoy! Some guests will balk when you tell them what this snack is. That’s OK. More for the brave. You don’t have to do it for Scotland or anything, just give “Bravehearts” a shot and cry “Freeeedooooommm” from boring snacks! [Sorry, guys…I couldn’t resist…it was too easy!]


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  1. This sounds delicious! As long as no one paints themselves blue, I think it will be a win. Also, I find the irony of calling this vegetarian and healthy snack BraveHEARTS to be delicious. (OH I DO LOVE TO PUN.)

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