December 25, 2011: Yule Log

December 25, 2011

My Yule Log [an oak log from the recent storm, decorated with ribbons, English Ivy, & Bittersweet] after a very nice (vegetarian) Christmas repast:

  • Stuffing: Wheat Bread with Soryizo (meatless soy Chorizo); Apples, Crasins, Walnuts, Onion, Sage, Fresh Thyme & Veggie Broth.
  • Baked Potato: Crusted with Butter, Sal de Mer, and Herbs de Provence
  • Tofurkey: Baked with Butter and Crasins
  • Acorn Squash: Basted with Butter, and French Thyme
  • Béchamel: Infused with Tarragon and Ground Pepper

After dinner, I lit the Yule Log in the chimenea out on the deck and had it with a mug of warm mulled wine and probably the best cigar I’ve ever had (the perfect size; undertones of chocolate.) In anticipation of Peppermint-Stick Ice Cream for dessert.

“Fiercest heat-giver of all is green oak…” [from “The Death of Fergus Mac Leide”]

Merry Christmas World of Okonomy Readers!


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