December 07, 2011: Asparagus in Tofu Skins

December 7, 2011

Last spring, I started a series of recipes with asparagus. I was trying for a trilogy of original recipes, but I got to only two, before I got distracted by other ideas for the blog. The great thing about modern foods is that you can easily get asparagus (for a bit more money) in fall as well as spring!

A while ago, Yoshio gave me a package of tofu skins and I have been thinking of how I could best use them, and I came up with asparagus wrapped in tofu skins. If you’ve never had them, tofu skins are a product of dehydrated soy milk that are in thin sheets, like paper. Be aware that these sheets are very fragile. Handle with care or you will have a pile of tofu crumbs (which are not bad as a healthy snack.)

You need to reconstitute the tofu skins. Add three sheets of tofu skins at a time to a shallow pan of: 1C. hot H2O, 1 C. hot veggie broth, 1Tblsp. each of shoyu and rice vinegar and 1/2Tblsp. mirin. When the skins are soft, put on a plate or between paper towels to drain. Meanwhile, remove ends and boil asparagus in salted H2O for about 2 minutes. Immediately drain and immerse asparagus in cold H2O and drain. [You may want to trim ragged ends of tofu skins as you do the next step to make a neater wrap.] Tightly wrap each asparagus in a tofu skin and cut at 60° (you will get two pieces per asparagus.) Top with black sesame. Have dipping sauce as a side.

Dipping Sauce: 1 Tblsp. each of shoyu, rice vinegar and 1/2Tblsp. mirin

These make a slightly unusual, but a very healthy hors d’oeuvre!


One comment

  1. I have never made anything with tofu skins. They sound very easy to use, though, kind of like rice paper. I will pick some up to play with next time I see them at the store.


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