October 20, 2011: Prepping Peppers

October 20, 2011

As I am watching every penny these days I keep a close watch on the reduced rack of the produce department. My challenge/game is to find the best buy there and make a creative meal of whatever that is. With a little imagination it usually works out pretty well.

About twice a year, I find the produce department has put a lot of hot peppers on the reduced rack. They all have slight blemishes, but they are mostly fine. The other day I picked up about 1/2 pound of assorted hot peppers for only $0.60!

The most important thing about working with these peppers, is that you never know how hot they are going to be, so it’s best to protect yourself! Always wear disposable latex gloves and be careful not to touch any skin with the juice from the peppers. In fact, the best way to think of these hot capsicum beauties is to consider them closer to a pathogen than a foodstuff (they are in the nightshade family!) I once took a deep breath while cutting peppers and ended up choking from the capsicum fumes!

Wash peppers, and with your hands protected by the gloves, slice peppers in half, remove all bruised areas and the stem of the pepper, scrape out the seeds and discard them. Dice the peppers and mix with half olive oil and half white vinegar, so that peppers are covered. Refrigerate. The peppers will keep for a long time as microbes can’t live in such a hot and acidic mixture. I put a small spoonful of the chopped peppers in my morning omelette or in a stir-fry. I usually get through each batch of peppers, just in time for the next lot of peppers to appear on the reduced rack.



  1. Yum! What a steal…

  2. I am so trying this! (I think I may try to grow some hot peppers next year, as well.)

  3. I usually freeze my excess peppers, because I always buy more than I will use then they are fresh. This sounds like a good technique to make cooking with them easier and more convenient. You don’t have to riffle through the freezer and then use a heavy sharp knife to cut up a tiny pepper!


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