August 05, 2011: Grilled Veggies & Ponzu Sauce

August 5, 2011

Summer is grilling time (although I have been known to grill in the middle of snowstorm if it suits the meal!) Nothing beats hanging out by the grill in summer, chatting with friends, smelling that wonderful whatever (in this case it’s veggies) over the charcoal. This dish is best on the outside grill with a few H2O-soaked mesquite chips added to the fire, before grilling. I cheated a little on this dish and grilled the veggies with my grill pan in a little oil on the stovetop, but if I was grilling this outside, I would add my dad’s secret grilling sauce: Good Season’s Dressing. It’s a perfect mixture of oil, vinegar and spices for grilling. Just pick your flavor (I like Italian) and follow the directions on the box. I usually skip the H2O and cut with more oil.

The kinds of veggies are up to you. For this dish I had: zucchini, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, onion, red peppers, and raddichio. [If doing eggplant remember to slice, wash, sprinkle w/salt, wait 20 minutes, and wash to get rid of bitterness] What makes this dish a Japanese dish is the addition of ponzu sauce as a flavor. I was surprised to actually find commercially-made ponzu in the Asian section of my supermarket, but I took a look at the ingredients…mmmm…mostly soy sauce, so I made my own. One important ingredient of ponzu is “yuzu” a citrus-flavored juice which I could not find at the store, so I made mine with a mixture of half cider and half lime, instead of the yuzu.

Ponzu Sauce: 6 Tblsp. dashi (I substituted veggie broth); 5 Tblsp. shoyu (soy sauce); 1 Tblsp. apple cider; 1 Tblsp. lime juice; 3 Tblsp. rice vinegar; 2.5 Tblsp. mirin

Add ponzu sauce just before serving. Top dish with furikake. I had a beefsteak furikake, which I thought went well with the dish. This dish is good cold as leftovers.


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  1. I will have to try this sometime–it looks great!

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