January 03, 2011: Smiley Cakes

January 3, 2011

Photo via IPhone

After a fun New Years Eve with lots of wonderful company and good food (Dan brought sous vide steak for kabobs cooked over the grill. I made pasta e fagioli and Katie and I made a fruit “boar’s head”) we also did some Scottish New Year’s celebrations like “snapdragons” (making a New Years wish and plucking a raisin from a plate of lighted brandy) and “First Footing” (where a someone…in our case, Nicole, is sent out to guard a lighted candle for a time and is let in to light all the candles in the house.)

In the morning, on New Year’s Day,  I made “smiley cakes” for Teja and the girls. These are whole wheat pancakes made with flour ground right down the road from me at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn Grist mill:  http://www.wayside.org/tour/wayside-inn-grist-mill) and decorated with fruit.


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