October 17, 2010: A Chef Gets Some Help

October 17, 2010

Photo via IPhone

I made dinner for Teja, Barb, Nicole and Katie last night. I made:

  • Baked Cod with Wakame
  • Pot Stickers
  • Egg Basket with 5-Kind Rice
  • Sunomono Salad (see my October 15, 2010 entry)

I had actually tried to make the Egg Basket/5-Kind Rice dish for the blog earlier in the week, and after making it, I discovered that it was impossible to wrap the egg and tie it by myself! Think of tying a bow around a parcel with everything coated with oil, and you will begin to see how hard it was! I was very disappointed, but after seeing all the ingredients in the Arboleda’s fridge, and knowing that I could get some help from the girls, I decided to revisit the dish.

Nicole and Katie make cooking at their house so very enjoyable! Katie is a perfect sous-chef and follows my (sometimes scattered) directions very well! She is becoming quite a good cook. Nicole’s (another skillful cook) excellent hand-eye coordination made the hard part of tying the egg basket with a strip of watercress look very easy! Sometimes (if I may twist a phrase) I forget that no chef is an island! With the girls help, we made this dish the best I have ever done it!


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