September 29, 2010: Dobinmushi Soup

September 29, 2010

Today’s unique soup from Okonomy is Dobinmushi Soup. The break down of the Japanese is such: “do”=earth; “bin”=bottle; “mushi”=steamed. Thus, dobinmushi is a soup “that is steamed in an earthenware container.” The main ingredient of the soup is matsutake mushroom which is a rare mushroom and gives a very distinctive taste to the soup. I asked Chef Saito “How rare?” and he looked up current prices from Japan. Matsutake goes for $1000/Lb! That’s about $420 for three pieces that would fit in a small carton like the ones you get cherry tomatoes in! Chef assures me that the taste is worth the price. Chef Saito also includes his homemade dashi stock and yuzu (Japanese Lime) as the broth. He also adds scallion and mitsuba (otherwise know as “Honeywort” or “Japanese Parsley”) Mitsuba is like parsley and has a “fresh” taste somewhat parsley and celery combined. All these flavors combine for a very unique blend for a soup. Dobinmushi is considered a fall soup as the mushroom are just being made available.


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