August 12, 2010: A Slice(r) of Heaven

August 12, 2010

Photo by Kyocera

Yoshio (always generous) brought me back two of the coolest gifts from Japan. One was a t-shirt with the names of sushi written in Japanese calligraphy. The other was this Kyocera ceramic slicer. Kyocera, located in Japan, makes a variety of kitchen ceramic tools like knives, scissors, grinders, peelers, and mills as well as computer chips and other ceramic objects.

This slicer, made of white zirconia ceramic, is super-sharp, stays sharp, does not rust, can be bleached and is easy to store and clean. The blade is so sharp it’s easy to forget and go too fast, so be sure to use the finger guard that comes with the slicer!  Although 70% of Kyocera’s business is through Japan, Americans can order Kyocera products through Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table. Kyocera sells this slicer for an quick mandolin-style cut and also an adjustable one with four thicknesses.

I just whipped up a carrot, cabbage, radish salad in about a minute using the slicer! Just the thing for a pre-run snack!


One comment

  1. That’s a nice kitchen tool. It saves time. Is this also available in Singapore? 😉

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