June 15, 2010: Kazari Zushi

June 15, 2010

Today’s specialized sushi dish from Okonomy is “Kazari Zushi” or decorative sushi. “Decorative” can mean many things. Chef Saito has created this dish, which is really a combination of the culinary and visual arts, in many forms. In the traditional style these are usually done in patterns of leaves or a flowers, but Chef Saito has made Kazari Zushi in the shapes of plums, pandas, people’s names…really,  the sky is the limit. Chef uses natural flavors to color the rice. In this one he used avocado for the green color and “denbu” (dried codfish) for the red. The “eyebrows are nori. It takes a good imagination, a master chef, time, and a good sense of humor!


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