June 07, 2010: Aged and Strange Tastes

June 7, 2010

Visiting Yoshio last week, as we were setting up for a shot I noticed he had a carton of specially packed blue-speckled eggs on the counter. When I asked what they were, Yoshio kind of laughed and said “1000 year old eggs.” After we were done shooting for the day he offered some to me, to try.

First of all, the eggs are not really 1000 years old, more like 100 days, but they kinda look 1000 years old! These eggs are from a Chinese recipe of taking duck eggs and burying them in a mixture of ash, lime, black tea and salt and aging them for the 100 days. After, they are packed in rice hulls to keep them safe. Once you get behind the pretty, blue speckled exterior shell, you are in for a surprise. The ash-lime-tea mixture has turned the eggs black (right down to the yolk)! Yoshio served them cut in half with some slices of spring onions and soy sauce. The eggs have a slightly more sulphur taste than regular eggs and the black color is a little weird, but I thought the taste was much like a hard-boiled egg that had a bit more “kick” and the soy sauce and onion went very well indeed.

He also gave me a glass of Johnnie Walker Gold Scotch to have with the eggs. I know very little about scotch, but this one is an 18-year-old version of Johnnie Walker and this complimented the taste of the 1000 year old eggs very  well. I think I’ve never liked scotch before because I never had it this smooth. Once more, Yoshio has given me taste of the rare, unexpected, and (this time) downright bizarre!


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