May 28, 2010: A Salad for a Summer Day

May 28, 2010

Getting together with Yoshio for more photography, he treated me to Summer Salad for our break. Summer Salad is a traditional seasonal cold dish, perfect for a hot day. Yoshio made this one vegetarian for me, but says that usually this salad has roast pork or chicken in it as well. He mixed cold wheat noodles (soba  noodles are OK as well) with egg (cooked with mirin and little soy sauce) with edamame, asparagus, shiitake mushrooms, strips of fried tofu, cherry tomatoes, pickled ginger, and a simple but delicious sauce of mirin, rice vinegar, and soy sauce. He topped it with strips of nori and crushed ice to keep it cold. Yoshio says this dish should be served right away as everything in the salad will start to wilt very quickly. It is good with beer  or cold mugicha (roasted barley tea). Light, healthy and delicious. A perfect summer treat!


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