May 19, 2010: East vs West Crossing Guards

May 19, 2010

Visiting Yoshio yesterday, I was stuck at a light where construction was going on. There was a crossing guard there and I kept waiting for him to signal me across…and waiting…and waiting!  I started thinking of my crossing guard from grade school days. I suspect good ‘ole Mr. Duda would be pretty upset what a shabby job this guy was doing. I was late meeting Yoshio, so having no help from the guy, I kept pressing the “walk” button, but that didn’t seem to work, either. I decided I could risk a jaywalking ticket or get very, very old waiting for this guy to do his job, so I scooted across at the best possible time. When Yoshio and I came out of the cafe…same thing…absolutely no help from this guy whatsoever. Yoshio said that it is very different in Japan. Crossing guards there take their job pretty seriously. Here’s a video of one of them. If taxpayers are going to pay these people $40-60+ an hour to do their job, have them take a page from this Japanese crossing guard’s book.


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