May 03, 2010: Takoyaki

May 3, 2010

Today’s Japanese-fusion dish is Takoyaki and is a recipe that hails from the Osaka region of Japan. “Tako” is octopus and is the most popular version of these golf-ball sized appetizers made by Chef Saito of Okonomy. Similar to a smaller Okonomiyaki, each appetizer (other variations include chopped meat and cheese) is formed with a savory pancake batter, but differs from Oknomiyaki as the batter is flavored with Chef Saito’s soup stock. Each is then grilled and topped with a sauce and anori (a sea vegetable, see 0ur March 17, 2010 entry: Toppings for Okonomiyaki). Sometimes, instead of the savory batter, Chef Saito will substitute panko (Japanese bread crumbs.)


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