April 13, 2010: The “Food Echo”

April 13, 2010

When I met with Yoshio last week, we talked about a cooking technique that we both use, but we didn’t have a good name for the the technique. Essentially, it is introducing a flavoring (via spices, vegetables or meat or some combination of all) that reverberates throughout the meal. We ended up calling this the “food echo.” The idea of the “food echo” is to have flavors that guests revisit throughout the meal to create a theme for the palate and to bind the tastes of the meal together.

One example Yoshio had was that for the dinner he made for his daughter and her friends (see April 11th entry.) He put rosemary on the crown of rack of lamb and also chopped rosemary very fine and added it to the yams.

I regularly have soup when I make dinner, and I always make the broth of the soup from the leavings of the vegetables I serve with the meal. The kale and wakami soup (from March 08 entry) was made from a broth of the carrot peelings, skins from the Portobello mushrooms, outside onion pieces, stems from kale, etc.


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