April 11, 2010: Shrimp Gratin Croquette

April 11, 2010

Today’s Japanese-fusion dish is Shrimp Gratin Croquette. This is like a Mac and Cheese but a hundred times better. Chef Saito lightly sautes chopped shrimp and adds it to his version of a macaroni and cheese. He then shapes this through a metal ring. He then coats each shape in a beaten egg-light cream mixture. He then coats with panko and fries each.



  1. hi, I am disasterously ( new word?) allergic to shrimp…is there another crustacean that can be substituted/ lump crab meat??

    xo kaTHY AverY

    • Hi Kathy,
      Yes, Yoshio mentioned that he makes this with lobster as well. I expect crab meat would be OK as well. By the way, the Japanese for “Croquette” is “Korokke” (sounds like “kor-oak-kay” to my ears). Thanks for your interest and comments! -SV

  2. This post made my mouth water! Lovely presentation. The special two-part dish with a space for dipping sauce is unique.

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