April 07, 2010: Review-Lowell Beer Works

April 7, 2010

Taking notes on eight delicious beers from Lowell Beer Works

If you live in Lowell, Ma. or just visiting, love reaaalllly good beer and great pub food, try Lowell Beer Works at 203 Cabot St. At first I didn’t get all the Boston references they had on their menu until I took a close look at the menu I took home and realized that Bostonians can get LBW at Boston Beer Works at 112 Canal St. and one at 61 Brookline Ave. in Boston. They also serve at two places in terminal ‘C” in Logan and I can’t think of a better way to reward yourself, after waiting all that time in line, than having one of these beers. There is also another in Salem, the Salem Beer Works at 278 Derby St.

I would burn up all my space here listing all their pub food, because their menu is vast! Go to:   http://www.beerworks.net to get a complete list. Yoshio and I just had two kinds of fries, the sour cream & chive and the “Fiery” fries (both were delicious and a good harbinger of the rest of the menu, but if you are beer sampling the “Fiery” were just a little too hot and competed too much with the subtleties of the beers. The sour cream & chive was just right.)

We were served eight beers (no, they were not quite as large as they appear in the photo, more like a cup each) neatly organized from light to dark in two trays. Each was labeled the name and the type of beer. Both Yoshio and I have brewed our own beers in the past and we would swap the best recipes. We each have a pretty good palette for food and beer, so I was interested in what the final judgement of the beers would be for us both.

We were served:

  • “MVP” (a wheat beer made with ginger and lemongrass)
  • “Little Rhody” (a golden lager)
  • “Splendid” ( “splinter” a California-style, pale malt and citrus-hop)
  • “Triple-A” (an Northwest-style amber beer with Washington hops)
  • “Blueberry” (a golden ale garnished with Maine Blueberries)
  • “Pale Ale” (a medium red w/ Cascades for an assertive hop flavor)
  • “Boston Common” (a copper red strong ale w/bitter finish)
  • “Spindle” (a red beer)

All the Lowell Beer Works beers we heavenly: they all are rich in hops, some more than others but all of them rode that fine line between taste and bitterness with the hops. From our beer-making days, Yoshio and I are fond of hops, me a little more so. We both rated the MVP and the Pale Ale as the two hoppiest, with the MVP a little more so, and was my favorite. The MVP was also the only one visibly cloudy, but I still see that as a sign of a “real” (unprocessed) beer, and so I liked it even more because of that.  Yoshio said the MVP would be an excellent match for a burger or a steak. Yoshio liked the Pale Ale the best. We both liked the Blueberry as a second choice and noting all the glasses served that day with the blueberries in them, it was clearly a favorite with the masses. Yoshio said it would be a really good summer beer. I agree. We had it with the blueberries, but this is more as a decoration.

If you can’t make our own, try the Beerworks beers. You won’t be sorry.


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