March 17, 2010: Toppings for Okonomiyaki

March 17, 2010

Aonori (top) is a special sea vegetable that grows on rocks near the seashore. After drying in the sun, the resulting green powder is packaged. Aonori is sprinkled on Okonomiyaki just before serving.

Katsuobushi (bottom) is finely sliced bonito. The dried bonito is bought in speciality shops. When purchasing, the Okonomiyaki gourmet will strike the whole bonito against a hard surface and listen for the sound: the clearer and higher the pitch, the better the Katsuobushi. The bonito is then shaved with a special plane-like device to get the right thickness. Katsuobushi is also used for making stock, and might be the most important ingredient in Japanese cuisine.

You may find both these toppings for Okonomiyaki at any Asian Gourmet Store.


One comment

  1. To me, the most interesting thing about the bonito flakes is that the heat from the dish makes them curl and wave slightly, as though they are alive. What a surprise, the first time I saw it!

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