Hello and Welcome to the World of Okonomy!

February 11, 2010

Dear Readers,

Welcome all to the World of Okonomy! This blog will follow an aspiring chef (Stephen Vedder) as he learns the methods and techniques, in general, of the Japanese Fushion culinary style, and in particular, Okonomiyaki arts from Master Chef, Yoshio Saito.

Chef Saito is owner of “Okonomy” a Japanese-fusion catering business, located in Jamaica Plain, Ma. Chef Saito has just finished a book introducing the delicious and versatile Japanese dish Okonomiyaki to the west, named: “Way Beyond Sushi: A New World of Okonomiyaki”.

The breakdown of the word okonomiyaki is such: “okonomi” means “your favorites”, “yaki” meaning “grilled”. So, Okonomiyaki is “your favorites, grilled”. There are three basic styles of Okonomiyaki:  Toykyo-style, Hiroshima-style, and Osaka-style, but there are literally hundreds of variations within these three styles, depending on what “your favorites” might be. The principal component of Okonomiyaki is a kind of a Japanese crepe covering vegetables, seafood, or meat, grilled on a grill-pan and covered with a special sauce. Okonomiyaki is healthy, versatile, simple, uses few cooking tools, and is very tasty!

If you would like more info on Japanese-fusion cooking or Okonomiyaki, while we are building this site, visit Chef Saito’s website:  www.okonomy.com


One comment

  1. How often does food double as art? Its apparent that Chef’s food does just that. Also, Stephen Vedder’s descriptions of his own dishes made me drool! Scrumptious food and a clever blog.

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